Our Team:

Gregg Nelson

Owner & Climber

Gregg is a co-founder of Rent A Monkey. He graduated Winona State University with a Degree in Business Administration. After college Gregg moved to Salt Lake City and worked as a line clearance arborist. After working his way through management he went on to work for a residential tree care company. After working his way into management in both companies Gregg decided to start his own business with Kyle Hanson. Through years of experience he learned the technical skills and operational management skills required to run a business. With his degree in business, experience as an arborist, and discipline from the US Marines, Rent A Monkey has been a successful and growth oriented company due to Gregg’s efforts. 

Kyle Hanson

Owner & Climber

Kyle is a co-founder of Rent A Monkey. Following family tradition, Kyle followed his fathers footsteps and began tree climbing at 18. After 21 years of hard work Kyle still enjoys climbing trees and training new crew members. Originally from Washington Kyle is experienced climbing some of the largest trees in the United States. In fact Kyle operated his own business for 15 years in the Seattle area until moving to Salt Lake City. His skill and experience play a major role in the success of Rent A Monkey. No matter how complicated the job is; with Kyle’s experience and background we always seem to find a way to solve the problem. Experienced in sales, climbing, and operating a business, Kyle is the most well rounded member of Rent A Monkey. 

Randy Fantz


Growing up in Washington Randy was always interested in the idea of doing tree work. After meeting Kyle, they briefly worked together in Washington. With the need for an extra hand, Randy flew to Salt Lake City to help Rent A Monkey temporarily. After falling in love with the Utah area and seeing potential for growth within the company, Randy decided to stay and is now a fast learning tree climber for Rent A Monkey. He is a great asset to our team, his hard work and willingness to learn allows him to excel as a climber. 

Tyrel Openshaw


Originally from Utah, Tyrel found his love for manual labor from a young age. Working throughout multiple trades in the blue collar world, he knew he wanted to end up as a tree climber. Reaching out to Rent A Monkey “cold turkey” we could tell Tyrel wanted a shot at tree climbing. After working as a groundsman for only 2 months, management saw his willingness to learn and hard work ethic and promoted him to become a climber. Quickly Tyrel learned how to climb and is now a fast learning tree climber on our crew. He is an asset to our company and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right.  

Andrew Thoreson

Marketing and Sales

Growing up neighbors, Andrew and Gregg both attended the same High School and University. Graduating Winona State University with a bachelors degree in Marketing. Needing a job immediately out of school, Andrew worked as an arborist in Minnesota. He later moved onto working full time in marketing and sales for a different company in Minneapolis. With his combined knowledge of the arboriculture and marketing, Andrew is a great new asset to Rent A Monkey Tree Service by handling all marketing and sales operations.