Firewood Salt Lake City

Many of our clients request to have some firewood cut and left behind for them to use in their firepit, to heat their home or to cook with. Burning firewood is a great renewable carbon neutral source. Many of our clients have requested our firewood cutting services for camping and outdoor use. Get a supply of pre cut firewood for your next bonfire, holiday party, or family gathering. 

Do you want firewood but need help along the way? Whether you want us to turn your fallen tree into firewood, or leave wood behind on the job site, we are willing to help.

30+ Years Of Experience In Tree Care

Our crew has a combined experience of over 30 years in the tree climbing industry. We stand out from our competition with a professional appearance and attitude, fast communication, effective results, and consistent happy customers.

Benefits of Firewood Salt Lake City

Save on utility bills
By using firewood to heat your home you can cut down on utility costs. In addition to saving money on your utility bill, firewood has shown to be more than 6x more economic than using the average electrical heater. 

No power necessary 
Stay warm in the winter months even if your power goes out. Having a reserve of cut and dry firewood can keep you warm and cozy when those unexpected things happen that cause power loss to your home. 

Renewable energy source
Firewood Salt Lake City is a great renewable, energy source because every tree that is cut down, 2 more can take its place thereby creating essentially a carbon neutral source of heat. 

Move the party outside to the fire pit to roast marshmallows or cook hotdogs. Enjoy spending time outdoors in the backyard or camping in the mountains somewhere. Don’t worry about bringing a stove with a propane tank, just take some firewood Salt Lake City with you and have all the warmth and cooking capabilities you need.

Firewood Salt Lake City
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