Large Tree Removal

Whether you need a crane or a professional tree climber, we are capable of removing the tallest trees in the Salt Lake City Metro. With over 30 years of combined tree climbing experience we are confident in our abilities to remove trees well above 50 feet. Kyle, our lead climber, has 20 years of experience climbing 100+ ft tall pine trees in Washington state. If the tree is too large or dangerous to be climbed, we typically will bring in a crane. The cranes we rent can vary in size and weight, we will consult with our local partner to choose the best crane for the job.

With large tree removals it’s important to understand if the tree is alive or dead. When a large tree is dead it poses a greater risk to our climbers and a crane is often encouraged. When working in proximity to power lines we will remove the tree as safe as possible. If needed we will contact Rocky Mountain Power to adjust or move a power line.

30+ Years Of Experience In Tree Care

Our crew has a combined experience of over 30 years in the tree climbing industry. We stand out from our competition with a professional appearance and attitude, fast communication, effective results, and consistent happy customers.

The Process of Large Tree Removal

Hire a professional company to remove large trees. There are so many hidden dangers when it comes to large tree removal. One of the main things to watch out for is if the tree has a lot of dead branches. If the tree is partially dead then you run the risk of branches breaking while you’re in or under the tree. That is why at Rent a monkey, we have a crane show up to the site so that our team members don’t have to risk their lives by standing on a branch that could break. Another important thing to understand about large tree removals is that usually it is safer to remove one section at a time. This process may take a little longer but will prevent further damage and be much safer in the grand scheme of things.

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