Ornamental Pruning

Ensure the growth and long-term health of your shrubs with Rent A Monkey’s ornamental pruning services. We offer debris cleaning in which we remove dead branches and debris from the tree or shrub. We also offer tree pruning services in which we trim both dead and live branches in areas of the tree or shrub where the branches are too thick to allow for the rest of the plant to receive more sunlight and be less susceptible to storm damage by increasing the air flow between the branches. We use great care in preserving the lifespan of your shrubs.

30+ Years Of Experience In Tree Care

Our crew has a combined experience of over 30 years in the tree climbing industry. We stand out from our competition with a professional appearance and attitude, fast communication, effective results, and consistent happy customers.

Benefits of Ornamental Pruning

Yard Appearance
Leaving your trees and shrubs unpruned give the appearance of a old and rundown yard. Shape your trees to compliment the home and yard and to give the property an inviting and beautiful appearance. 

Tree and Shrub health
Many people think that ornamental pruning your plants in your yard harms them and stunts growth. This is a common misconception. By ornamental pruning your trees and shrubs, you are allowing an even amount of sunlight to reach the branches that used to be hidden, this allows for a healthier and more even growth process.

ornamental pruning
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