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Our pricing model is to offer quality over quantity. What we mean by that, is unlike other tree companies that try to get your job completed as fast as possible. We try our best to take our time and focus on your job. So instead of trying to complete 5-10 jobs a day, we try to complete 1-3 jobs a day. We will likely charge more than our competition, since we are on your property longer than anyone else, but we will do it once and do it right. We focus on safety hazards such as your fence, plants, garden, house, power lines etc. We make sure to take care of your property and your trees like they’re our own. We finish the job by leaving no trace. We rake and leaf blow so absolutely no brush, bark, or sawdust is left behind.

Large Tree Removal

Whether we need professional climbers or additional large equipment such as cranes to remove your tree, we can safely remove the tallest trees in the Salt Lake area.

Standard Tree Removal

This is our most common service and we have perfected the art of removing your tree. We use safe techniques to evaluate your situation and remove your tree.

Tree Pruning

We can encourage healthy new growth on your trees by pruning them. We remove any broken, damaged or unwanted branches. This will help the tree to stay strong and healthy.

Stump Grinding Salt lake City

Stump Grinding

We can help you get rid of the annoying tree stump left behind from a previously removed tree. Stumps are eyesores and frequently sprout cause more yard work for you. We can help you put an end to your stumps!

Ornamental Pruning

We can help you clean up dead branches and debris from your shrubs. We will trim back areas where the growth is too thick to allow better air flow and sunlight which will leave your shrub healthier and stronger.

Firewood Cutting

We can help you with your firewood needs by cutting your fallen tree into firewood. We can provide you with the firewood for your next bonfire, or to use as a power free, renewable energy source to heat your home.

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