Standard Tree Removal

It’s our bread and butter to evaluate and remove your tree no matter the size. Our crews use safe and effective techniques to safely remove trees near power lines, fences, or close to your home. Whether your tree is small or large we can remove it. Rent A Monkey has an experienced crew with the highest quality equipment in the industry, we firmly believe we can remove trees other companies don’t have the skill to remove.

With standard removals it’s important to understand if the tree is alive or dead. When a very large tree is dead it poses a greater risk to our climbers and a crane can be used in these situations. If the tree is overhanging power lines we will more than likely contact Rocky Mountain Power in Salt Lake City to request a power or service drop. This will sometimes delay our process and may take 1-3 weeks depending on the power companies availability.

Standard Tree Removal Process

Step 1: Clear the area

For both safety and damage purposes it is important to clear the entire area around the tree before you cut anything down. Nothing will ruin your day more than dropping a 5oo lbs tree branch on something in your yard you don't want damaged.

Step 2: Study the tree and its tendencies

Putting in the work to plan is crucial especially if there are building, power lines or anything that the tree can crush when it falls. Planning every cut and where the tree will fall is the most important step.

Step 3: Make sure you can get out safely if something goes wrong

The last thing you want to happen is for something to go wrong and you have no quick way to get out of danger. The safety of everyone is the top priority, don't ever paint yourself into a corner so to say.

Step 4: collect the correct equipment

Having to right tools makes all the difference. You don't want to be in the most crucial part of the tree removal and have something get stuck or break. Chainsaws are recommended for anything more than 1 foot in diameter. We also recommend using wedges and jacks to help direct the tree to fall into the safest area.

Step 5: Start Cutting

Once you have a solid plan, the area is clear, you have an escape plan and you've gathered the right tools. It's time to start cutting. First make a "V" cut at a 45 degree angle on the side you want the tree to fall on (this cut should be made about 25% of the tree's diameter deep). Once you have a good "V" cut, move to the back of the tree and cut straight through keeping your blade about 2 inches above the bottom of your "V" cut. Once the tree starts to fall, get out of the way and watch the magic work.

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