Stump Grinding Salt Lake City

Remove the eyesore from your yard after you have a tree removed. With Stump Grinding Salt Lake City you can remove everything that is above the surface so that you can cover it with soil and keep your hard looking clean and beautiful. Another benefit of stump grinding Salt Lake City is less future pruning of sprouts from the trunk.

Rent a Monkey services stump grinding Salt Lake City Metro area.. Give us a call today and we will professionally remove your stump with professional equipment to make sure the job is done right.

Stump Grinding Salt lake City

What to Know about
Stump Grinding Salt Lake City

Stump grinders are large machines with a spinning wheel that has teeth attached to it. As the wheel spins and is lowered onto the tree stump, it chups away the stump and produces a large amount of wood chips. 

Many people like to use the wood chips as kindling, mulch for the rest of their yard, filling the hole that the stump created or simply throwing them away in the green bin.

A stump remover is a large auger type machine that drills into the center of the tree trunk and rips out a large portion the the roots along with the truck wood. A stump grinder simply shaves down the portion of the stump that sticks up above the ground.

We recommend hiring a professional that has experience with handling large machinery like stump grinders. Because these machines throw a large amount of wood chips, we recommend wearing all the appropriate safety gear such as pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves, eye protection and boots.

Apart from the constant eye sore that stumps create, you also have to deal with constant sprouting. By grinding the stump down below the surface, you ensure that the stump won’t resprout. 

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