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Tree Removal Salt Lake City

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Tree Removal Salt Lake City Services

We offer quality over quantity. That means unlike other tree removal Salt Lake City companies that try to get your job completed as fast as possible. So instead of completing 5-10 jobs a day, we complete 1-3 jobs a day. We focus on safety hazards such as your fence, plants, garden, house, power lines etc. We make sure to take care of your property like it’s our own. We finish the job by leaving no trace. We rake and leaf blow so no brush, bark, or sawdust is left behind.

Tree Removal Salt Lake City

Standard Tree Removal

No matter the size, our bread and butter is tree removal Salt Lake City. Our crews use safe and effective techniques to safely remove trees near power lines, fences, or close to your home. Whether your tree is small or large we can remove it. Rent A Monkey – Tree Removal Salt Lake City has an experienced crew with the highest quality equipment in the industry, we firmly believe we can remove trees other companies don’t have the skill to remove.

With standard removals it’s important to understand if the tree is alive or dead. When a very large tree is dead it poses a greater risk to our climbers and a crane can be used in these situations. If the tree is overhanging power lines we will more than likely contact Rocky Mountain Power in Salt Lake City to request a power or service drop. This will sometimes delay our process and may take 1-3 weeks depending on the power companies availability.

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Large Tree Removal

Whether you need a crane or a professional tree climber, we are capable of tree removal Salt Lake City Metro. With over 30 years of combined tree climbing experience we are confident in our abilities to remove trees well above 50 feet. Kyle, our lead climber, has 20 years of experience climbing 100+ ft tall pine trees in Washington state. If the tree is too large or dangerous to be climbed, we typically will bring in a crane. The cranes we rent can vary in size and weight, we will consult with our local partner to choose the best crane for the job.

With large tree removal Salt Lake City it’s important to understand if the tree is alive or dead. When a large tree is dead it poses a greater risk to our climbers and a crane is often encouraged. When working in proximity to power lines we will remove the tree as safe as possible. If needed we will contact Rocky Mountain Power to adjust or move a power line.

30+ Years Of Experience In Tree Care

Our crew at Rent a Monkey - Tree Removal Salt Lake City has a combined experience of over 30 years in the tree climbing industry. We stand out from our competition with a professional appearance and attitude, fast communication, effective results, and consistent happy customers.

The Danger of Large Tree Removal

Hire a professional company to remove large trees! There are so many hidden dangers when it comes to large tree removal. One of the main things to watch out for is if the tree has a lot of dead branches. If the tree is partially dead then you run the risk of branches breaking while you’re in or under the tree. That is why at Rent a monkey – Tree Removal Salt Lake City, we have a crane show up to the site. Another important thing to understand about large tree removals is that it is usually safer to remove one section at a time. This process may take a little longer but will prevent further damage and be much safer.

Salt Lake City Tree Removal Process

Step 1: Clear the area

For both safety and damage purposes it is important to clear the entire area around the tree before you cut anything down. Nothing will ruin your day more than dropping a 5oo lbs tree branch on something in your yard you don't want damaged.

Step 2: Study the tree and its tendencies

Putting in the work to plan is crucial for tree removal Salt Lake City, especially if there are building, power lines or anything that the tree can crush when it falls. Planning every cut and where the tree will fall is the most important step.

Step 3: Make sure you can get out safely if something goes wrong

The last thing you want to happen is for something to go wrong and you have no quick way to get out of danger. The safety of everyone is the top priority, don't ever paint yourself into a corner so to say.

Step 4: collect the correct equipment

Having to right tools makes all the difference. You don't want to be in the most crucial part of the tree removal Salt Lake City and have something get stuck or break. Chainsaws are recommended for anything more than 1 foot in diameter. We also recommend using wedges and jacks to help direct the tree to fall into the safest area.

Step 5: Start Cutting

Once you have a solid plan, the area is clear, you have an escape plan and you've gathered the right tools. It's time to start cutting. First make a "V" cut at a 45 degree angle on the side you want the tree to fall on (this cut should be made about 25% of the tree's diameter deep). Once you have a good "V" cut, move to the back of the tree and cut straight through keeping your blade about 2 inches above the bottom of your "V" cut. Once the tree starts to fall, get out of the way and watch the magic work.

Tree Evaluations

Do you need your dead or injured tree evaluated? Rent A Monkey - Tree Removal Salt Lake City does on site inspections weekly in the SLC Metro area. Contact us for more information.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Rent A Monkey - Tree Removal Salt Lake City is on call 24/7 for Emergency Assistance. Whether power lines or a recent storm have affected you. We are ready to help you.

We're Open To Ideas

If you think you could use our services for other needs, reach out today to discuss our capabilities. We’d be more than happy to have a discussion about your needs.

Large Tree Removal

Whether we need professional climbers or additional large equipment such as cranes to remove your tree, we can safely remove the tallest trees in the Salt Lake area.

Standard Tree Removal

This is our most common service and we have perfected the art of removing your tree. We use safe techniques to evaluate your situation and remove your tree.

Tree Pruning

We can encourage healthy new growth on your trees by pruning them. We remove any broken, damaged or unwanted branches. This will help the tree to stay strong and healthy.

Stump Grinding Salt lake City

Stump Grinding

We can help you get rid of the annoying tree stump left behind from a previously removed tree. Stumps are eyesores and frequently sprout cause more yard work for you. We can help you put an end to your stumps!

Ornamental Pruning

We can help you clean up dead branches and debris from your shrubs. We will trim back areas where the growth is too thick to allow better air flow and sunlight which will leave your shrub healthier and stronger.

Firewood Cutting

We can help you with your firewood needs by cutting your fallen tree into firewood. We can provide you with the firewood for your next bonfire, or to use as a power free, renewable energy source to heat your home.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to customers is to be the highest quality tree removal Salt Lake City has to offer. The Tree Industry isn’t always full of the most professional and qualified workers. We understand that because all of us at Rent A Monkey – Tree Removal Salt Lake City have worked for other unprofessional companies.

Our goal is to stand out by dressing professional when we give an estimate, arriving on time, communicating with all our customers frequently, and most of all doing good work. We do not want to damage your property in the case of tree removal Salt Lake City. We move your plants, adjust your flowers, talk with the neighbors, contact the power company if necessary.. etc.

We also try to leave your property looking spotless. We use rakes and leaf blowers to clean up your property and make it look like we were never there. If we don’t succeed simply call us and we will come back to make it look perfect. For example, if we damage your fence during tree removal Salt Lake City, we will come back to fix it, free of charge.

In the case of a tree prune, we aim to prune your tree properly so we do not damage the tree. It is so important to have experienced arborists to properly prune your tree. If done wrong, you can easily damage your tree, send it into shock, and even kill the tree. We aim to be your go to tree removal Salt Lake City!

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Frequently Asked Questions

During bids we practice social distancing and wear masks to make customers feel comfortable. We don’t pressure to shake hands, enter your home, or contaminate any area. We will happily work with you to make you feel safe.

Most jobs vary considerably. Reach out for a bid, and we will arrive on site to give you an immediate estimate. We can typically bid your job within a day or two, and have it scheduled next week!

Depending on the job we will quote jobs outside of the tree removal Salt Lake City Metro. Call, email, or text to see if you qualify for a bid. You can also send detailed photos in an email or text describing the job so we can give you an idea of price.

Of course! Rent A Monkey is fully insured.

We climb trees of any size. But if you are nervous about a dead tree, an extremely tall tree, or a tree hanging right over your house that isn’t climbable, using a crane can be the best option for certain jobs.

If we are pruning your tree to trim branches and improve the health of your tree, we will not use climbing spikes. We will only use climbing spikes for tree removal Salt Lake City.

If you’re not home while we are at your residence that is perfectly fine, if we need to know anything just call before hand. We’re here to help!

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