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Large Tree Removal

Whether you need a crane or a professional tree climber, we are capable of removing the tallest trees in the Salt Lake City Metro. With over 30 years of combined tree climbing experience we are confident in our abilities to remove trees well above 50 feet. 


Standard Tree Removal

It’s our bread and butter to evaluate and remove your tree no matter the size. Our crews use safe and effective techniques to safely remove trees near power lines, fences, or close to your home. Whether your tree is small or large we can remove it. 


Tree Pruning

Pruning tees involves thinning and trimming the canopy to enhance natural branching patters. Our crew will be careful to make sure we do not damage your tree during the pruning process. 

Rent A Monkey Employee Trims a Tree

Stump Grinding

Rent a Monkey removes stumps often in the Salt Lake City Metro. Give us a call today and we will professionally remove your stump with professional equipment to make sure the job is done right. 

stump grinder grinds a stump

Ornamental Pruning

Ensure the growth and long-term health of your shrubs with Rent A Monkey’s pruning services. We use great care in preserving the lifespan of your shrubs. 

an image of ornamental trees neatly trimmed

Firewood Cutting

Do you want firewood but need help along the way? Whether you want us to turn your fallen tree into firewood, or leave wood behind on the job site, we are willing to help. 

an image of firewood neatly stacked

Hazardous Tree Evaluations

Do you need your dead or injured tree evaluated? Rent A Monkey does on site inspections weekly in the SLC Metro area. Contact us for more information. 

an image of a dead tree

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Rent A Monkey is on call 24/7 for Emergency Assistance. Whether power lines or a recent storm have effected you. We are ready to help. 

an image of a tipped over telephone pole due to a storm

We're open to Ideas

If you think you could use our services for other needs, reach out today to discuss our capabilities. We’d be more than happy to have a discussion about your needs.

Pricing & Reviews

Our pricing model is to offer quality over quantity. What we mean by that, is unlike other tree companies that try to get your job completed as fast as possible. We try our best to take our time and focus on your job. So instead of trying to complete 5-10 jobs a day, we try to complete 1-3 jobs a day. We will likely charge more than our competition, since we are on your property longer than anyone else, but we will do it once and do it right. We focus on safety hazards such as your fence, plants, garden, house, power lines etc. We make sure to take care of your property and your trees like they’re our own. We finish the job by leaving no trace. We rake and leaf blow so absolutely no brush, bark, or sawdust is left behind. 

Our Commitment to Customers:

Our commitment to customers is to be the highest quality tree service company in the Salt Lake City Metro. The Tree Industry isn’t always full of the most professional and qualified workers. We understand that because all of us at Rent A Monkey have worked for other unprofessional companies. 

Our goal is to stand out by dressing professional when we give an estimate, arriving on time, communicating with all our customers frequently, and most of all doing good work. We do not want to damage your property in the case of a tree removal. We move your plants, adjust your flowers, talk with the neighbors, contact the power company if necessary.. etc. 

We also try to leave your property looking spotless. We use rakes and leaf blowers to clean up your property and make it look like we were never there. If we don’t succeed simply call us and we will come back to make it look perfect. If we damage your fence for example, we will come back to fix it, free of charge. 

In the case of a tree prune, we aim to prune your tree properly so we do not damage the tree. It is so important to have experienced arborists to properly prune your tree. If done wrong, you can easily damage your tree, send it into shock, and even kill the tree. 


Our Reviews on KSL:

5 physical stars

Overall Rating: 5 Stars


Based on 13 Reviews

Best Job Ever Done
by keith or cory c on Jul 29, 2020
Big Shout out to these guys! Gregg and Kyle run a wonderful business, they listened to everything we wanted done and went above and beyond what we had asked for. Their service and quick response on everything- from coming out to bid, starting the job within days of bid, being great with communication, their knowledge of trees, fair pricing, and being courteous and friendly. They made it so they will always have our business and we will highly recommend them to everyone we know. Thank you again! less
Recent Work
by Scott S on Jul 20, 2020
I recently hired R-A-M to clean up some trees on two properties of mine. I received 3 different bids, I felt this one was the fairest. On top of that, they were able to perform the work just a couple days after we met, the other bids were several weeks out. I will definitely hire them again and would recommend Rent A Monkey to anyone. less
Just as promised
by Tom on Jul 11, 2020
They took out a huge elm, took down another portion of one hanging way over the street, and then part of a dying walnut over the house. Super fun to watch them climb up and do the work, and they left all the trimmings in a pile easy to get to and haul off. The original estimate was for cutting only, on site they offered to remove the cuttings for an additional fee but I am a cheepskate. These guys are profesionals and can more easily clean up, I recomend letting them clean it up if offered. The only complaint I have is that one the day of the job they forgot to poison the stump. They did come back within the week and put a fresh cut and then the poison on the fresh cut. Seriously though, fun to watch these guys climb up and just send bits down, stacked it all up and got the job done for not too much cash! less
Great Job Great Pricing
by tony h on Jun 30, 2020
Gregg and his crew Johnny, Kyle did an incredible job. Clean up was the best I’ve ever had. Took out 6 juniper’s over 40 ft tall. I definently recommend these guys.
Hire These Guys!
by Elisa S on Jun 8, 2020
Three tall spruce trees died unexpectedly and had to be removed from a tight backyard space bordering neighbor properties, near power lines. Rent-A-Monkey had the experience, skill set, and safety protocol to handle my urban tree removal with precise, prompt professionalism. Prices affordable and fair. Customer service impeccable. They are friendly, affable guys who felt like family to me. Hire them! less
They got skills!!
by Kelly E on May 25, 2020
Really impressed with Rent A Monkey‘s service. They were quick with their response, honest and reliable. They took down a monster of a tree in my front yard with ease! They were quick and friendly. Excellent customer service, I highly recommend them!! less
These guys are Rock Stars
by Mark M on May 15, 2020
It was important Evan with the awesome price we got they needed have all insurance in place, which they do. They were fast, caring if not to damage anything, I will use them again and recommend them to anyone.
Outstanding Service!
by Mike B on May 11, 2020
I called the Rent-A-Monkey number late Saturday not expecting to get a call back until Monday. I left a message and Gregg called me right back and we scheduled a quote for Monday! I’ve talked with a lot of contractors for different jobs and I can say Gregg treated me as I was a friend and gave me reassurance that he could not only do the job fast but correctly as well. Would highly recommend Rent-A-Monkey to anyone needing tree removal. It is a dangerous job and not an easy one! Gregg is the professional you’re looking for! less
Big Globe Willow
by Logan C on May 10, 2020
I called Greg and within 1 day he was out to quote me and less than a week later it was done . Very Professional and knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend to friends and family.
Super knowledgeable and very good
by Anna L on May 9, 2020
Greg and Kyle really know their stuff! I thought trimming a tree was just cutting a few branches but these guys explained how, why and when to cut out specific branches to keep our trees healthy. I really loved how professional and helpful they are in explaining everything. I am extremely pleased with the trimming they did on our two silver maples and would recommend to anyone! less


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Frequently Asked Questions:

During bids we practice social distancing and wear masks to make customers feel comfortable. We don’t pressure to shake hands, enter your home, or contaminate any area. We will happily work with you to make you feel safe. 

Most jobs vary considerably. Reach out for a bid, and we will arrive on site to give you an immediate estimate. We can typically bid your job within a day or two, and have it scheduled next week! 

Depending on the job we will quote jobs outside of the Salt Lake City Metro. Call, email, or text to see if you qualify for a bid. You can also send detailed photos in an email or text describing the job so we can give you an idea of price. 

Of course! Rent A Monkey is fully insured. 

We climb trees of any size. But if you are nervous about a dead tree, an extremely tall tree, or a tree hanging right over your house that isn’t climbable, using a crane can be the best option for certain jobs. 

If we are pruning your tree to trim branches and improve the health of your tree, we will not use climbing spikes. We will only use climbing spikes for tree removal. 

If you’re not home while we are at your residence that is perfectly fine, if we need to know anything just call before hand. We’re here to help! 

Cash, Venmo, or Check


Our Team:

Gregg Nelson

Owner & Climber

image of gregg nelson posing for a photo

Gregg is a co-founder of Rent A Monkey. He graduated Winona State University with a Degree in Business Administration. After college Gregg moved to Salt Lake City and worked as a line clearance arborist. After working his way through management he went on to work for a residential tree care company. After working his way into management in both companies Gregg decided to start his own business with Kyle Hanson. Through years of experience he learned the technical skills and operational management skills required to run a business. With his degree in business, experience as an arborist, and discipline from the US Marines, Rent A Monkey has been a successful and growth oriented company due to Greggs efforts. 

Kyle Hanson

Owner & Climber

image of rent a monkey employee working

Kyle is a co-founder of Rent A Monkey. Following family tradition, Kyle followed his fathers footsteps and began tree climbing at 18. After 21 years of hard work Kyle still enjoys climbing trees and training new crew members. Originally from Washington, Kyle is experienced climbing some of the largest trees in the United States. In fact Kyle operated his own business for 15 years in the Seattle area until moving to Salt Lake City. His skill and experience play a major role in the success of Rent A Monkey. No matter how complicated the job is; with Kyle’s experience and background we always seem to find a way to solve the problem. Experienced in sales, climbing, and operating a business, Kyle is a very well rounded member of Rent A Monkey. 

Randy Fantz


image of rent a monkey employee working

Growing up in Washington Randy was always interested in the idea of doing tree work. After meeting Kyle, they briefly worked together in Washington. With the need for an extra hand, Randy flew to Salt Lake City to help Rent A Monkey temporarily. After falling in love with the Utah area and seeing potential for growth within the company, Randy decided to stay and is now a fast learning tree climber for Rent A Monkey. He is a great asset to our team, his hard work and willingness to learn allows him to excel as a climber. 

Tyrel Openshaw


Originally from Utah, Tyrel found his love for manual labor from a young age. Working throughout multiple trades in the blue collar world, he knew he wanted to end up as a tree climber. Reaching out to Rent A Monkey “cold turkey” we could tell Tyrel wanted a shot at tree climbing. After working as a groundsman for only 2 months, management saw his willingness to learn and hard work ethic and promoted him to become a climber. Quickly Tyrel learned how to climb and is now a fast learning tree climber on our crew. He is an asset to our company and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right.  

Andrew Thoreson

Marketing and Sales

image of rent a monkey employee working

Growing up neighbors, Andrew and Gregg both attended the same High School and University. Graduating Winona State University with a bachelors degree in Marketing. Needing a job immediately out of school, Andrew worked as an arborist in Minnesota. He later moved onto working full time in marketing and sales for a company in Minneapolis. With his combined knowledge of arboriculture and marketing, Andrew is a great new asset to Rent A Monkey Tree Service by handling all marketing and sales operations. 

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